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The 401(k) Shield Process

When dealing with regulations, prudence is process—but only if you can prove it.  The 401(k) Shield is a three year cyclical process designed to provide the trustee with direction and documentation in fulfilling your responsibilities to the participants of your plan.  Our Accredited Investment Fiduciaries (AIF®) will guide you as you


  • Identify and document plan goals and objectives
  • Define and document investment criteria
  • Establish a schedule


  • Create an Investment Policy Statement based on plan criteria.
  • Evaluate and document your current plan in light of plan criteria.
  • Prepare a written report and recommendations.


  • Make or recommend adjustments to plan
  • Develop transition plan (if applicable)
  • Schedule 401(k) Shield activities.
  • Maintain documentation of trustee actions and decisions.
  • Retain Independent Fiduciary for evaluation of funds in plan. (optional)


  • Investment Performance
  • Plan Expenses
  • Participant Education Program
  • Best practices and regulatory updates
  • Requests for proposals (3 year interval)
  • Participant Advisory Services (discretionary)