It was a beautiful, sunny day Saturday, September 10th at Old Orchard Beach, Maine.  My two children, Lena (16), and Nolan (14), and me, along with Axiom associate, Stuart Bronson, and 3 riders from our valued vendors were part of the international team of Team Axiom riders at Old Orchard Beach to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.  My wife, Emily, was one of the photographers.  Most, if not all, of the riders and volunteers have a personal connection to someone who has lived with Parkinson’s Disease.   After a good breakfast, we set out on our 30-mile ride through the southern Maine coast towns of Saco, Biddeford, and Old Orchard Beach.  Even though it was late summer, the sun was so warm, so we were thankful for the cooling breeze, as the wind changed to an on-shore breeze during our ride. My family got involved when my friend, Chris Woods, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 10 years ago.   His family thought to establish this NE Parkinson’s Ride about 9 years ago.  His sister, Cindy, serves tirelessly as Executive Director of the Ride. Every year Chris and his wife, Terry, ride 100 miles and always finish the ride together holding hands.  It’s a very emotional scene at the finish line every year, and it’s a moment I try not to miss. Parkinson’s has affected others in the Axiom family. David Wheat recently lost a friend and client who battled Parkinson’s and Brian Conway’s father-in-law is struggling with the disease.  David Wheat and Team Axiom’s “virtual riders” made their “virtual” ride in Switzerland! Wow! All-told, Team Axiom’s donations (so far) are $8,140, which was a bit shy of our $10,000 team goal.  Donations are still being accepted until 12/31/16 by clicking here The Cummings family and Team Axiom are proud to be a part of this first-class event, which is the biggest 1-day fundraiser for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.  My goal for 2017 is to get 17 volunteers or riders to join the ride on 9/9/17. Submitted by Bill Cummings