Why Axiom Advisors?

Do you need a personal financial advisor?

In a world where financial data circles the globe at light speed, what is your process for making the important decisions? Are the decisions informed? Do they fit your personal vision and values? Have you seriously asked yourself the important questions?

Do you have the time?
What will your future look like?
What will you want to do?
What will you be able to do?
How much will it cost?
Will you be prepared?


What does it mean for a Registered Investment Advisory firm to be independent?

In today’s environment it is important to know if any conflicts of interest exist in your business relationships.  At Axiom Advisors, we aspire to be the “trusted advisor” for our clients.  That is why we have a policy of full disclosure of all compensation we receive from you.  We operate in an “open architecture” environment that allows us to develop a best of class approach in bringing solutions to your challenges.

Axiom is limited only by the stringent due diligence process applied to providers by our product provider, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.  Cambridge does not manufacture financial products or tell us what we should recommend.

Independence means doing the right thing for the client—every time.
Our fee based compensation structure changes very little from one platform to another.  The bottom line is to provide you with choices that meet your planning and investment challenges.  Your program should make as much sense in 10 years as it does today, and have the flexibility to change with the times as needed.

Check the background of investment professionals on FINRA’S BrokerCheck.